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Foundation Satyrus Collection


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Satyrus Foundation Collection
Vitaliks Verse
Mint Date
20 MAY 2023

Title: Vitaliks Verse

The "Vitalikverse" artwork emerges from Vitalik Buterin's imaginative mind, representing the Ethereum blockchain. A striking maze symbolizes Ethereum's complexity and interconnectedness, evolving with new ideas and transactions. On the left, a statue of Plutus, the Greek god of wealth, stands as a symbol of Vitalik's vision of a bridgeless plutocracy.

The statue is placed in a mountain with a ruined bridge that leads to nowhere, adding a sense of mystery and exploration. It embodies allure and exclusivity, captivating viewers and inviting reflection on Ethereum's transformative power.


"Vitalikverse" springs forth from the depths of Vitalik Buterin's boundlessly imaginative mind, brilliantly encapsulating the essence of the Ethereum blockchain. A visually stunning maze takes the right center stage, intricately representing the remarkable complexity and interconnectedness that defines Ethereum's ever-evolving ecosystem.

A magnificent statue of Plutus, the ancient Greek god of wealth, positioned majestically on the left side. Serving as a powerful symbol, this idol embodies Vitalik's visionary quest to create a revolutionary bridgeless plutocracy—a system that transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a truly inclusive wealth distribution.


An analogy to the world of blockchain is found in the presence of a rocket soaring high above the maze. This rocket represents the unstoppable momentum of Ethereum and its decentralized network, propelling innovation and progress forward at an astonishing pace. It symbolizes the boundless potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize industries and propel humanity into the future.

The Vitalikverse artwork, with its fusion of intricate mazes, symbolic representations, and thought-provoking imagery, tries to captivate the observer's gaze, drawing them into a world where the boundaries of possibility are pushed to their limits. It serves as an open invitation for viewers to reflect upon the profound impact of Ethereum, to explore the uncharted territories of decentralized technology, and to consider the profound implications of a future shaped by the innovative vision of Vitalik Buterin.