Impromptu #1
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Impromptu #1

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Hint Of Mint
There will be 5 pieces of a puzzle of 1 NFT Edition of each.


Understand the Context

Every Month will see a new piece of the the puzzle. The collector of each NFT will get the NFT plus the original painting. After all pieces are dropped all collectors will get a the final artwork as bonus NFT. All paintings will be shipped by the artist after the complete puzzle is digitalized. The winner of the Hint of Mint auction will be contacted via Blockscan chat in order to facilitate shipping of the physical artwork.



My work is sometimes influenced by daily events, sometimes by past experiences, sometimes by large scale cultural trends that are represented in a subliminal way through the concepts I explore. My work is an intersection of experience and exploration of the white canvas. I don’t approach conventional themes, my main interest lies in breaking perspectives mixed with double exposure and freehand freedom through surreal themes. This is the style I gravitate to.



Transactions don’t always require two parties. Everything is a transaction. Time spent doing one thing instead of another. In diving below the water’s surface, you trade breath for weightlessness. Existence itself is a grand transaction, a loan taken out on in our physical plane, to be paid inevitably in the future. This work tells a story of all the transactions —literal and metaphorical— we engage in as we traipse through the world. Ingmar Bergman’s work makes an appearance (transaction for a soul). A submerged female form reminiscent of Ophelia (transaction for love). Money being given and being taken, dollars bills proving to be imprison as well as freeing. Kristen Visbal’s Fearless Girl; fear, or lack thereof, is a transaction too. But the image that most intrigues me is the white tiger lazing atop tree limbs, staring directly at us. The transaction there is only implied. But boy, is it implied. As we look back into the eyes of the creature Paradigmstories has created, we instinctively understand the terms.