Sine Loco
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Sine Loco

"Sine Loco"

The 3rd piece of the Puzzle Colection. Each work is connected, through the drawings, to the works that surround this one.

"Sine Loco" is Latin for "without a Place". A story of girl that started an inner narrative about places and non-places, about the ones that don´t have a place, that they feel they belong to. Or the ones that can´t be on the place they love to. She took the plunge into the rabbit hole looking for an awnser.

This is the entagled journey of intricacies and twist, swirls and mists.

Without a place

She saw wonders falling in the abyss of solitude, emerging in the freedom of their imagination. Those errant souls that flew, searching for new adventures and new begginings, brougth her back home threw the same hole. This is the story of her journey. First colector gets the original artwork Artwork Size - 50X70 cm Ball point pen, Pencil, Brush and Stump paper.